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Maison100 E


At KLEEMANN, we value your needs and we are constantly exploring ways to improve our products just for you. Acknowledging how important it is to effectively exploit the space available, we are introducing the Maison100 E with 100mm minimum pit depth and 2500mm headroom required. Maison100 E is an innovative electric cabin platform lift designed to meet your highest expectations.

Available with semi-automatic or automatic doors, Maison100 E can be also provided with an aluminum shaft construction where a masonry shaft is not available.

Its very low energy consumption (lower than a kitchen oven) in conjunction with the cabin design makes the Maison100 E the ideal choice for homes and public buildings with low traffic.


Date of Entry: 19-06-2023

Seller Information

KLEEMANN Hellas S.A. Contact

Kilkis Industrial Area | P.O. BOX 25 | P.C. 61100 Kilkis, Greece

Phone: +30234103810
Homepage: https://kleemannlifts.com