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Atlas Gigas R


Atlas Gigas R is the first choice for a range of industrial, hotel, hospital, commercial and public buildings operating rated loads of 1150–2500kg. Offering the option to install a larger car in a standard-sized shaft, Atlas Gigas R provides optimum space efficiency for buildings with high density passenger flow.

Atlas Gigas R features KLEEMANN’s premium quality gearless motor and is equipped with a state-of-the-art inverter that provides outstanding ride quality and exceptionally low energy consumption and sound levels.


Date of Entry: 19-06-2023

Seller Information

KLEEMANN Hellas S.A. Contact

Kilkis Industrial Area | P.O. BOX 25 | P.C. 61100 Kilkis, Greece

Phone: +30234103810
Homepage: https://kleemannlifts.com