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LineaF the essential solution for quality and functionality.
Structures of great personality are of simple construction, flexible and competitive.

The LineaF is presented with and without coating and it is the structure that responds to the request “tight space” resolving the problems of many renovations and upgrades.

F1 its proposal is essential, minimal and clean. The profiles do not allow dimensional changes, is uncoatable and is particularly suitable for internal elevators. Ideal for offering an
economical alternative to its customers.

F2 application of great personality, flexible and competitive built. Characterized by jumbs of the traditional type and crossbars with particular bevel at 60 ° in order to raise the efficiency.
(bevel = an edge that is canted, one that is not a 90 degree angle).

F5 its specifications are the same as of the version F2, in addition the coating comes in different materials such as painted steel, stainless steel mirror or decorated, copper, brass
and aluminum, etc.

F10 it is evolution of the line F for increasing the glass area, favoring the panoramic effect, designed with plats to external structure, internal closure of the profiles on request, the glass
holders are in plate shape, available in different materials.

All fittings of the crystals are performed FROM INTERNAL CONSTRUCTION, except for Line F10.
The lines F1, F2, F5 allow holding the inner walls on smooth wire, ideal characteristic for the installation of elevator palttform Lifts.


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Date of Entry: 02-01-2018

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