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Elegant/Elegant XT


Elegant e Elegant XT are the top in elevation field.

Clean and linear design integrable into any environment, even the most hi-tech. Structural profiles can be coated with a wide range of materials for an aesthetic touch.

Ideal for outdoor applications, which is treated with WATERPROOF and ANTI INFILTRATION coating to ensure maximum durability and safety. All facings can be delivered in the standard as painted or in different alloys and finishes adapting to any architectural setting.

The installation of the plates is performed from inside the construction.

The Elegant kind is also characterized by the positioning of the crystals outside of the crossbar so as to give a pleasant and elegant perception in continuity of the smooth wall. The system used to integrate the slab (terminal fold-crushing) ensures unsurpassable aesthetics and safety even for the realizations of crystals in continuous wall either by using crystals or who opt for steel panels, keeping the same linearity and cleaning.

The ultimate expression of the Elegangt XT proposal, appears through the punctual fastening system of the walls. Thes wall system, thermally insulated sandwich-panel is very appreciated as it provides thermal insulation, phonetic absorbency and speeds up installation.

The panels made by METAL WORKING, in the installtation, do not need any fastening screw.


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Date of Entry: 02-01-2018

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