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Thanks to its high technological know-how in the LIFT field, Nauled Srl concretized his knowledge in products and services with a high value, providing LED lighting for cabin lifts, elevators, lifting platforms and escalators complete with emergency kit.

Each product is designed and manufactured according to the environment in which will be placed with attention to the quality, aesthetics and energy saving.

Knowledge of the LIFT field has also allowed us to offer CUSTOMIZED solutions to specific needs of spaces and luminous fluxes for regulatory compliance on the cabin light.


Date of Entry: 24-10-2017

Seller Information

Nauled Srl Contact

Via Cavour, 13

22040 LVia Cavour, 13

22040 Lurago D'Erba (CO)urago D'Erba (CO)

Phone: 00390314130026
Phone (2): 00393939104423
Fax: 00390315471350
Homepage: https://www.nauled.it/english-1/