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Prolift Elevator Company started manufacturing of automatic elevator landing andcar doors as integrated production in 2006 by means of its technology which depends on its long-serving experience and knowledge. Prolift Elevator continues its production with integrated system in own facilities established on 6.000 m2 closed area in Giresun Industrial Estate and invests continuously in its technolog and thus has become one of the most important companies in our country today. Prolift Elevator takes cognizance of quality and safety at every stage of production and due to R&D-based production, it continuouslyincreasing the range of products. Prolift Elevator adopts customer satisfaction as a quality policy. In the range of 2 panels to 6 panels telescopic and central Car and Landing doors (Painted, Stainless steel, Patterned, Glass and PVC) are designed and manufactured by Prolift Elevator and has been certifi cated by local and international quality institutions according to lifts Directive 95/16/EC for EN81-1, EN81-2, EN81-1/2:1998+A3:2009, EN81-58:2003standards, 95/16/EG directives for NEN-EN81-1, NENEN81- 2 standards and LWD 2006/95/EC directives for IEC 60947-1,IEC60947-5-1 standards. Prolift Elevator exports more than 20 countries by means of its export-oriented sales strategy and manufactured 56.000 elevator doors as of 2014 january and targets to produce with the capacity of 80.000 elevator doors by the end of 2014 and 100.000 elevator doors by the end of 2015


Date of Entry: 24-10-2017

Seller Information


Gedikkaya mahallesi Sanayi Sitesi 25 Nolu Sk. No:29 MERKEZ/GİRESUN

Phone: 00904542157339
Phone (2): 00904542157340
Fax: 00904542157338
Homepage: http://prolift.com.tr/en/