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TRI-TRONICS® Co. Inc. is a respected leader in elevator door protection. For more than 25 years we have designed and supplied trusted products for the elevator industry. Our sole focus on door protection ensures that we can provide the best product at a great price. As the industry changes, so do we. Now on our fifth generation of light curtains, we strive to make certain you have the utmost in door protection, ease of installation and maintenance free operation you deserve. Designed and manufactured in the US, TRI-TRONICS® is devoted to making the highest quality products the industry has to offer in elevator passenger door protection.


Date of Entry: 24-10-2017

Seller Information


7705 Cheri Ct., Tampa, FL 33634-2419

Phone: 8002370946
Fax: 8138848818
Homepage: https://www.ttco.com/