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Rubber Cable Balancing Rope


Rubber cable balancing rope is one of the main elements of multirope lifting system with friction pulleys.
It`s reliability and long-term work together with lifring ropes determinate reliabiliity and perfomance work of lifting installation. The main purpose of balancing ropes is to have running weight equal summary running weight of lifting ropes for stabilisation the fliction pulleys moment, friction of lifting machine irrespective of the position of lifting vessels in the trunk of mine. For large multirope lifting installations it is necessary to have balancing ropes with big running weight ( to 30 kg\m).

— Mining equipment
— Lift building
— Lifting machines
— The time of using: 10-15 years
— Stable to dangerous conditions
— Economical in using
— Loading capacity to 30 kg\rm
— Individual production

The highest using indicators and high reliability have rubber cable balancing ropes. Since 2003 ukraininan company "Promkanat" established the production of balancing rubber cable ropes, which are intended for operating in quality balancing in systems mining rise on freight, cager multiple lifting installations and lifts.

Our company releases the ropes, which consist of rubber metallic core. It`s a parallel located in horizontal plane with certain step, line of steal galvanized ropes, which cured in rubber and external fire-resistant rubber lining.The design of ropes is simple and technological in production. Rubber cable ropes are produced, according to order with requied weight of running meter and length of hinge plates.

The production strengh "Promkanat" is capable to provide rubber cable ropes not only in Ukraine , but especially in countries all over the world. The enterprise saved up a great experiance of operation rubber cable ropes on the various mining lifting installations in Ukraine and CIS countries. This experience confirm about high reliability and efficiency using rubber cable rope in the mining lifting systems.


Date of Entry: 20-10-2017

Seller Information


50007, Ukraine, Krivoi Rog, Tehnicheskaja str, 11
50077, Ukraine, Krivoi Rog, Ivana Sirka str, 4


Phone: 00380564097433
Phone (2): 00380675678686
Homepage: http://www.promkanat.com/en