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Lift Control System BC-NELA


BC-NELA represents a next-generation control system
designed for both traction and hydraulic lifts.

This system offers state-of-the-art technology along with emphasis
on maximum operational reliability.


  • Power:
  • Motor Drive:
  • Stops:
  • Calls Automation:
  • Emergency Evacuation:
  • From 4 kw - to 32 kw
  • Inverter
  • From 2 - to 60
  • Full Collective Selective
  • Included

User Catalogue

Date of Entry: 20-10-2017

Seller Information

Beta Control Contact

Černého 58, Brno, 635 00

Phone: 00420730802762
Fax: 00420546223470
Homepage: http://www.betacontrol.cz/en/