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New lifts and reconstructions


Lift tailored to your house. Are you the owner, resident or administrator of a house needing modernizing of an old lift or even a completely new lift? We offer the construction of new lifts and complete reconstruction of existing lifts. We use top-class lift components and innovative technical solutions developed in our own laboratories. We adapt the lift to your individual requirements and the layout of your house. By reconstructing your lift you will gain: increased lift cabin dimensions increased lift capacity wider door elimination of safety risks reduced energy demand DESIGN We supply lift cabins in several model series which meet the strictest criteria for modern and functional design. Anti-vandal cabin controls and equipment are a standard. SERVICING Our care for your lift does not end with its handover. We provide our customers with warranty and post warranty service for all operated lifts. We have service facilities with a central control station and teams of experienced service engineers. LIFT MONITORING The operation of your lift is monitored continuously by the service company via the Internet. The main advantage of this technology is an immediate overview of the lift faults, reducing the unavailability of the lift due to repair and minimizing service costs.


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Date of Entry: 20-10-2017

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