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SUCADER Escalator SY-E/Travolator SY-C


Symax Lift (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 whose precursor is the original Sanyo Elevator (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. Now, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian listed Symax Lift (Holding) Co.,Ltd., focusing on research and development as well as manufacture of global lifts.

As a R&D company owning multiple global top technological patents, Symax has always been committed to lift industry. Moreover, it also sets foot in biomimetic technology, new materials, new energy and many other fields and makes great contributions to the global promotion and application of new science and technology. Depending on Symax’s strong capital strength, leading innovative resources of science and technology as well as abundant manufacture and service experience related to lift industry, Symax Lift (China) Co., Ltd. has already possessed solid R&D power, strong facilities of production and manufacture and widespread marketing and service networks.

Symax is the first lift company applying permanent magnet synchronous no-gear traction machine with energy-saving and environmental-friendly characteristics in China, which makes it a leader in safety and environmental protection fields. The company strictly performs national GB7588 standard (equals to European standard EN81-1) and GB16899-2011 standard (equals to European standard EN115-1:2008), possesses A-level Manufacture License of Special Equipment of People’s Republic of China and A-level Installation, Alteration, Repair & Maintenance License of Special Equipment of People’s Republic of China, receives certifications from ISO Quality Management System, Environment Management System and Occupation Health Safety Management System and obtains CE Certificate, ETL Certificate, GOST Certificate and VD14707-1:2009 Lift Energy Efficiency A-level Certificate.

The company strictly conforms to standards in design, purchase, manufacture and installation procedures, rigidly controls every sector and allocates R&D staff and engineers to conduct on-site test and maintenance to ensure that each product perfectly reflects design requirements.

Recently, Symax’s products cover 8 categories, including passenger lift, home lift, panoramic lift, hospital lift, freight lift, escalator, travolater and stair lifts. They own such characteristics as safety, reliability, smoothly-running, high efficiency, energy-saving, low noise and low fault-rate. Depending on these characteristics, they are sold well in more than 80 countries and regions and receive wide recognition in the market.

Symax insists on principles as follows: R&D globalization, environmentally-friendly production and after-sales service humanity. It makes a promise to customers to provide safer, more comfortable and more reliable mobile space.


Date of Entry: 21-07-2017

Seller Information

Symax Lift(China) Co.,Ltd Contact

Global road. Shanghai

Phone: +8615618089517
Fax: +8615618089517
Homepage: http://www.symaxlift.com/en/