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Hydraulic Inverter Elevator up-down direction


...it is our competitive advantage!!!

t is a revolutionary hydraulic system for elevators which don't need to use any throttle. It consists of an inverter that controls oil's flow, which is pumped directly from the VVVF motor both upwards and downwards.

Using this system we obtain:

Energy consumption saving up to 60% (at rise). There is energy generation (to the descent).
Non-existence of maximum peak current values during startup. The maximum starting current never exceeds the nominal value of the required power.
Increase of power coefficient cos.f. up to 0.99.
Optimization of convenient operation.
Adjustable speed of inspection.
The operation is not affected by ambient temperature changes or changes in oil temperature.
No hydraulic fluids heating up (up to 70% decrease compared to the conventional hydraulic elevators).
Cabin speed up to 1 m/s.
Accurate floor approach.
Motion by VVVF motor, which lowers power consumption (kWh) up to 60%, and reduces oil heating up to 70%.
Also suitable for high - traffic installations and buildings with many floors to avoid the machine coolants.
Extended range of models. Supply of all types upon specific request.


  • Type Of Elevator:
  • Motor Drive:
  • Hydraulic
  • Inverter

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Date of Entry: 24-05-2017

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