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M.B.B. Elevators


M.B.B. Elevators has been working in the field of lifting systems since 1960. High qualification and professionalism of MBB Elevators operators, as well as a constant technological research and high quality finishes have strengthened the success of this company, which has become a leader in the field of lifting systems.

MBB Elevators is specialized in research, custom design, construction, installation and maintenance of elevators, metal structures, industrial hoists, stretcher elevators, dumbwaiters and lifting platforms for removal of architectural barriers.

What does mainly characterize MBB Elevators? Its lifting systems customization and adjustability.
M.B.B. Elevators can satisfy any demand by suggesting adequate, rational and aesthetically excellent solutions.
From a simple quote, to the design, the construction, the installation and the maintenance of a lifting system, our customers can trust on a single company, efficient and flexible at the same time, at reasonable prices.


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Date of Entry: 24-05-2017

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Via del Consorzio 10/b

Phone: +39 071 9162102
Fax: +39 071 9162102
Homepage: http://www.mbbelevators.com/