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SCHAEFER - smart:tableau


The “operating concept of the future”.
The “smart:tableau” fixture is a modular glass panel which can be equipped with well-proven SCHAEFFER components, such as the Rainbow Button, and the latest multimedia products. This modularity enables an individual configuration – from the cost-effective basic version up to the fully equipped multimedia solution.

Thanks to its many optional features, the fixture is able to meet your specific requirements. Behind the individually configurable, full-surface glass faceplate up to three 12.1” screens for the position indicator, floor selection and various entertainment and information applications are arranged.

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  • Operating Panel Finishing:
  • Operating Panel Type :
  • Painted
  • Embedded Boxes

Date of Entry: 12-06-2016

Seller Information


Winterlinger Str. 4
72488 Sigmaringen

Phone: 4975717220
Fax: +49 7571 722-98
Homepage: http://www.ws-schaefer.de/en/home/