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Decorative-Stone Cabin STF-5010


Stone Walls - Decorative Stone Back Wall - Half Length Mirror Ceiling - Laminated Glass Floor - Granite Accessories - Decorative Mirror Stainless Steel Handrails - 32mm Chrome Handrails
1:1 Suspension Up to 3200mm Car frame Bi-Directional Progressive Brake 1m/s

Memo: Please contact us for more Information and Models

Manufacturer: Stof Lift Components LLC - TURKEY


  • Type of cabin:
  • Type of finishing:
  • Cabin main width:
  • Cabin main length:
  • Rectangular
  • Other Material
  • From 1100 mm - to 1200 mm
  • From 1400 mm - to 1500 mm

Date of Entry: 24-05-2016

Seller Information

Stof Lift Components Contact

  • Aslım st. No:38/S
  • Konya
  • Turkey

Phone: +903323461750
Phone (2): +905327989134
Fax: +903323461752
Homepage: http://www.stof.com.tr/