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Wire rope lubrication : The Acculube automatic rope lubricator/cleaner is a set-and-forget way of efficiently lubricating traction ropes for up to a year.

Wire rope lubricants : These are formulated with selected para"nic oils, blended with suitable anti-rust and anti-drop additives.

Hydraulic oils : Specially-selected base fluids provide excellent chemical/physical stability while additives improve their ability to withstand heavy workloads. High-viscosity oils are refined to achieve a high-viscosity index and resistance to oxidation. Special additives improve these characteristics and give these lubricants both anti-wear properties and excellent thermal stability.


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Date of Entry: 02-05-2016

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Draka Elevator Contact

  • 777/99 Trebicska
  • Velke Mezirici
  • Czech Republic

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Homepage: http://www.prysmiangroup.com/en/business_markets/markets/elevator/