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China Xinyuan Elevator Service Company in Suzhou, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality elevator and escalator parts in a timely, most professional manner.
We also engage in OEM of escalator& moving walks, and elevator modernization. We've built our business on the basic premise of helping our customers meet their requirements by offering exceptional customer service, competitive prices and quality OEM Parts.
We have sold a lot elevator products to all around the world successfully like USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Italy, In Britain, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Singapore, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan etc.
Customer is our biggest assets, We commit to all our customers, that we will conduct ourselves with fairness, integrity, and respect for every individual. We encourage and advocate innovation and creativity so as to serve every customer better than any competitor with products and services of superior value. Regarding customer's satisfaction as its basic duty with excellent service, china xinyuan would like to meet the extra demands.

The guests from home and abroad are warmly welcomed to visit china xinyuan for business negotiation and future cooperation of mutual benefit!


  • Type Of Elevator:
  • Power:
  • Motor Drive:
  • Lifts Automation:
  • Stops:
  • Calls Automation:
  • Emergency Evacuation:
  • Mechanic - Traction
  • From 1.1 kw - to 30 kw
  • Inverter VVVF
  • Simplex
  • From 2 - to 48
  • Full Collective Selective
  • Not Included

Date of Entry: 24-05-2016

Seller Information

China Xin Yuan Elevator Service Limited Contact

  • Room713 Building3,171# Gaoxin Road, Wujiang District
  • Suzhou
  • China

Phone: 0
Homepage: http://www.xyelevator.com/index.aspx