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Merih Asansor A.Ş.


Merih Asansor was founded in 1977 as an elevator installation and maintenance company.
With 36 years experience, today Merih Asansor is still continuing to serve this sector by manufacturing elevator doors.
Merih Asansor has 150 employees who are working in executive, production and sales processes and is located on 23,000 m2 production area with its central office.
Merih doors have been producing with the latest technology by using CNC machinery. All stages of the production period is under quality control, starting from the raw material procurement to the production; from installation to packaging.
Merih Asansor has had a steady growth trend for 36 years and has given high importance to quick delivery and customer satisfaction in order to improve manufacturing capacity and service quality.

Manufacturer: Elevator complete systems, elevator doors and cabins.


User Catalogue

Date of Entry: 24-05-2016

Seller Information

Merih Asansor Contact

  • Baskent OSB - Recep Tayyip Erdogan Bulvarı No:8
  • Ankara
  • Turkey

Phone: +903126401560
Phone (2): +905302388691
Fax: +903126401567
Homepage: http://www.merihasansor.com/